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Holly’s coaching style is truly unique and sets her apart from any other coach I’ve experienced in my career. Her approach opened my eyes to new perspectives and challenged me to think differently. If you’re interested in a completely different approach to coaching that pushes boundaries and unlocks your full potential, Holly is the coach for you. Prepare to remove blockages and move mountains in ways you never thought possible.

Amanda Brewer

CEO, Habitat for Humanity

What an amazing experience! Holly‘s creativity in the use of imagery really opened my mind to “picture” my current state and what I am working toward. Her subtle adjustments and expertise in gently seeking clarity in our conversations created opportunities for great leaps of growth and personal “ah-ha” moments. I highly recommend working with Holly for those looking for a richer and deeper experience beyond pure “business” coaching.

Kevin Hensel

Senior Consultant, Better Culture

I am filled with deep appreciation for the way Holly skillfully holds space for my growth and development. The coaching experience with her was truly transformative. It provided me with the opportunity to gain clarity and insight about my leadership path, all while having Holly as an invaluable thinking partner.
Holly’s guidance and support have had a lasting impact that extends far beyond the conclusion of our coaching journey. The tools, perspectives, and self-discovery I gained during our time together continue to shape my path in meaningful ways. I am grateful for her unwavering dedication to my growth and the profound influence she has had on my career.

Kayla Schnuelle

Mission Matters

The last 18 months have been transformational for my leadership growth. Holly has served as a guide for my own self-discovery, coaching from a lens of curiosity. She has helped me understand (and celebrate!) my strengths as a colleague, manager, and organizational leader. Holly truly cares about her clients, and cheers alongside breakthroughs and helps reframe setbacks. I feel so fortunate to work with Holly, and wholeheartedly recommend her services!

Emily Prauner

Director of Development and Visitor Services, Fontenelle Forest

I had no idea how much I would benefit from working with a leadership coach until I met Holly! Holly’s expertise is truly exceptional. She is a masterful listener with an uncanny ability to make insightful connections around what she hears. She has a wealth of knowledge on leadership concepts and principles, and tailors her coaching approach to individual needs. Her guidance has had a profound impact on my life inside and outside of work. Her passion for helping others succeed is evident in every session, making her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their leadership skills and personal well-being. Holly’s coaching has been a transformative experience, and I wholeheartedly endorse her services and highly recommend her as a leadership coach. If you are unsure if you will benefit from coaching, I assure you—you absolutely will! 

Janny Crotty

Director of Advancement, Nebraska Community Foundation

 The word that comes to mind for me when I think about Holly is LIGHT. She exudes such a beautiful, graceful, kind LIGHT in her coaching approach, I thoroughly look forward to our coaching conversations when I see them on my calendar. They feel like a good balance of encouragement, support and the gentle pushes when I need it. I always walk away feeling encouraged and inspired.  Holly has ignited a LIGHT in me during our coaching journey— for my current work and for the work I’m considering. I’m truly thankful for her presence in my life.

Katie Gutzmann

Freyday Freelance

I can’t say enough about my coaching experience with Holly. It was a very personal journey, tailored to my leadership style and goals. She genuinely cared about my growth and development. She celebrated my accomplishments with me — and helped assure me that ‘setbacks’ are all a part of the journey and not a failure. I sincerely looked forward to my time with her each session. I would definitely recommend Holly to anyone and everyone looking to improve their leadership skills.

Jessica Walker

General Manager, KUSO-KNEN-NCN

Holly’s coaching helped me grow beyond what I imagined myself capable of achieving and helped guide me into my next chapter. I will always be grateful for her valuable input and investment in my life.

Callan Collins

Executive Director, Norfolk Public School Foundation

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